Outdoor Planters & Hanging Baskets

Outdoor Planters & Hanging Baskets

The perfect accent piece to complete any outdoor living space.

Easy to maintain and beautiful throughout the season, outdoor planters and hanging baskets provide a breath of life to patios, porches and pool areas. Outdoor planters are especially useful in transforming urban areas by camouflaging hard building features.

Portable and lively, hanging baskets excellently enhance the visual appeal of a property, even when space is limited. They add a new tier to your landscape, bringing new colours and texture to eye level. Maintenance is a breeze, as hanging baskets don’t attract wildlife and pests and require less stress on your back during pruning and upkeep.

Ajoi Landscape Design can work according to your tastes, delivering from an extensive collection of designs and styles. We can give expert tips on what types of hanging baskets are easy to maintain, as well as how to protect them through the changing seasons.

The original design was customized for our site with our lifestyle, needs and wants taken into account. When we decided to remove a large tree for reasons not related to the project, they adapted the plan to accommodate this major change. We were happy with the landscaping crew and the time and effort you put in to ensure a smooth and complete job. It turned out so beautiful the photographer for our daughter’s wedding featured it in many of the pictures he took before the ceremony. We look forward to many wonderful years of enjoyment and we would not hesitate to engage Ajoi Landscape Design in another project in the future.

Craig and Joanne