Gardens & Decorative Garden Art

Gardens & Decorative Garden Art

Introduce a lively splash of colour to your landscape.

Every landscape benefits from the presence of neatly integrated gardens, abounding with life and energy. Seasonal flowers add a burst of texture to your property, and are available in cheerful colours in every hue. Savour the fresh, summery scent of flowers all day long.

The invigorating effects of a garden have been well-documented, from providing unique health and wellness benefits, to simply putting a smile on your face after a long day.

Ajoi’s professional landscape designers incorporate garden space efficiently into our designs, carefully taking into account the amount of time you plan to spend outside. We can offer our expert advice on what type of plants to pair to create a magnificent garden display, and can provide tips on ongoing care and maintenance.

Looking for a unique and personal touch in your garden? We take your design one step further with custom decorative garden art to inject personality into your property. Working with a wide variety of materials and styles, Ajoi Landscape Design can provide that special feature for a distinctive final product.

Refresh, recharge and enjoy the sense of calm and peace that comes from well-manicured gardens.

Ajoi Landscape Design has continually met our expectations. Mark communicates in a professional manner and his personal attention to each job is extraordinary. Ajoi has proven to be creative in problem resolution and time commitments.

Robert and Deborah