Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

Looking for an upgrade to your landscape?

Taking on a landscape construction project gives you the chance to explore the potential of your property. A designer works with you, taking all the unique features and challenges of the landscape into consideration so that we can make the most of the space. Through this collaborative process, we are able to craft beautiful, creative and practical landscape solutions.

Your backyard should be a place of quiet refuge; a private sanctuary where you can relax and recharge. We align ourselves with your vision for the project, offering our professional advice as needed on materials, processes and maintenance schedules, so that you can be fully comfortable with your decisions.

The value of constructing a custom landscape will be felt for years to come, encouraging an active and outdoor lifestyle that will provide a lasting benefit for and your family.

The original design was customized for our site with our lifestyle, needs and wants taken into account. When we decided to remove a large tree for reasons not related to the project, they adapted the plan to accommodate this major change. We were happy with the landscaping crew and the time and effort you put in to ensure a smooth and complete job. It turned out so beautiful the photographer for our daughter’s wedding featured it in many of the pictures he took before the ceremony. We look forward to many wonderful years of enjoyment and we would not hesitate to engage Ajoi Landscape Design in another project in the future.

Craig and Joanne